The stain and the ink. 

Dear society jury,  

Pardon me for speaking out loud, 

Pardon me for being so proud 

Pardon me for red painting the town, 

Pardon me for roaming off the hook when I’m down 

I’m retched around the rope of your desire, what about mine? That you put on fire. 

Pardon me for conquering which is mine

Pardon me for negating the line 

But dear all, I’ll stand straight

Because I’m no grape, twirling around the grapevine.

And at last, let’s Pardon you for the zones of car and the Barbie 

For the blue and the pink
Let’s Pardon each other,

I for the stain and you for the ink. 

~A self made art 


Is it all about life or just time? 

No ! Her voice exclaimed. 

If something wrong happens or

If you walk away, 

Who would be blamed? 

Trust me.. He replied. 

Neither will I cheat nor will I hide. 

I do, but not the reality of my past

I loved and laid, 

They said they would stay, but just said !

Not every action leads to same, 

Baby,  you’re my idol and my aim. 

A happy vibe conquered her mind, 

A step she took and intimancy whined. 

Days and days,

ignorance touched the peak, 

Drowned and down, she turned weak. 

Unlike pure as dove, 

It’s still just porn or love? 

Least involved and he left, 

Her torn soul with billions cleft. 

It’s funny what he used to say

“Trust me” and “I will stay”. 

Once again she was lost, lost from her chime…

is it all about life or just time???