The stain and the ink. 

Dear society jury,  

Pardon me for speaking out loud, 

Pardon me for being so proud 

Pardon me for red painting the town, 

Pardon me for roaming off the hook when I’m down 

I’m retched around the rope of your desire, what about mine? That you put on fire. 

Pardon me for conquering which is mine

Pardon me for negating the line 

But dear all, I’ll stand straight

Because I’m no grape, twirling around the grapevine.

And at last, let’s Pardon you for the zones of car and the Barbie 

For the blue and the pink
Let’s Pardon each other,

I for the stain and you for the ink. 

~A self made art 


Bheed me bhi tujhe pehchanna aata hai

Tujhe satana, tujhe manana aata hai

Beintehan ishq ki hai tujhe 
Mohabat dikhana nahi, nibhana aata hai. 

Jhootey khwab dikhaye aur toda bhi tumne

Khwab Jhootey the ya tumhe behlana aata hai?

Bss u hi kaise bhula du teri har ek yaad ko

Is dil ko sirf dil lagana aata hai ! 🙂 


Those eyes and me :) 

So, I was wearing a short top today. What I meant by ‘short’ isn’t exactly the length of the dress but the ‘short’ is how they see or in other words what they think we are showing. 

I went to the nearest coffee shop. I was placing the order with my card( having no more than 300 Indian rupees). The guy at the counter stared my belly as if the belly was the one placing order and asking him for a cup of cappuccino. Of course my stomach was craving, craving for the coffee not that look. Few guys, or let’s call ’em “gentlemen” were sipping coffee there too with suits and buttons up. Some of’ em said hello! ….. A hello to my belly. Sometimes coffee shops gives you complimentary add ons, I believe this was the special add on for me. 

After that combo of beverages- coffee and looks, I was riding my scooter home. Few “riders” behind me gave me some kinky look as they were passing by. One of the innocent guy shouted :  Thoda dhakk ke chlye madam ! And all other innocent gang mates along with him chuckled. I smiled at’ ’em with pity. All of a sudden, I turned my scooter towards one of the nearest sunset point. Sat there. Pebbles I was throwing broke the peace of water tides. Bunch of thoughts flew in my mind. What will they do when they’ll see their wives naked? Would they give the same look to her as well? And I believe yes they’ll look at her the same way, may be not the entire time but yes, during those duration of intimacy. She’ll be loving him and he’ll be lusting her. 

These incidents reminded me of the days I travel in any public transport. Whether be a bus, metro and haha, cabs are safe they say.  People travelling in public transports must be workers of different profession but they’ll are tailors in their minds and those eyes are their measuring scales, they can measure you.. Tip to Toe and Waist to Chest ! The saddest part is they won’t get you a stitched dress 😦  

So, I returned home, a bit relaxed than before. I saw few dipped in culture ladies of my society, often giving me a look of hesitation, whether it be for my clothes, my habits or be it my behavior. They wear sarees. Don’t they? Sarees with DEEP and DESIGNER blouses. Exposing all their back and bellies. Is it less revealing than the top I wore?  They say : Sansakari kapde pehno beta ladkey dekhte h. I replied once: sanskar ki jaroorat unhey h aunty humey nahi 🙂 Guess what? I was judged for speaking thereafter too. 

How does the length of a cloth defines the length of a women character ? 

The one with sins is always the one with sins. According to a survey in 2011, 43% among 100% cases were of child rapes in India. Do pampers of those girl children made those rapist adults feel erotic? I believe so, if what we wear is really a matter of concern. 

Education may develop our financial and social status but mental status I doubt. It’s all about the way we apprehend and grasp things. You must have heard ‘soch badlo, desh badlega’ and ‘suruwat khud se kro’. 

I know this isn’t a topic to conclude in these short note and few words but trust me it is really really hard for me to pen down everything what I want to. 

Let’s not judge and be judged! 

Sochiyega is vishay mein 🙂 shukriya ! 

Turning lilac . 

I was painting once. I took specific colors to my color palate (trying to look more artistic made me do so). Those colors looked so fascinating, bright and glittered. I just wanted to paint a piece using those fascinations in the color palate. Suddenly, at the midst of that long run, I noticed something.  The palate was befould totally , there were no bold colors standing out bright. There was a mix and UNmatch of colors. Those older fascinations were no more fascinating, no more alluring and no more I was willing to paint. 

Everyone here are some other bold colors with a specific identitity. Blending of identities is alike blending of colors, no more your own.  

All changes, even the most longed for have their melancholy !! 

Have you ever been into someone that you wander wondering who you are as someone? Ever been a totally different person for a person who was totally different for you?

The Potter complained to the pot : There is no benefit of mine, you’re getting moulded because you wanted to. The pot replied  : Master! you decide the pattern, you decide the shape…You fix the price, where is my choice to stay or to escape ! 

You remould yourself accordingly, you reincarnate yourself similarly. Irony falls when you blaze a trail for ’em and they say it’s beneficial for you. People you change for are often the ones who sees no change ! This process of leaving behind the familiar to enter into new and often uncertain territory has its own vocabulary! 

You were red, you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was lilac sky and you decided purple just wasn’t for you !A self made art. 

Every cloud has a silver lining :) 

There will be days when life will drift you apart, 

But honey no matter what, there’s always a good start. 

Someday things will go utterly wrong. One day everything will be fine. Our lives swing between that someday and that one day. But that isn’t today. Worry makes that one happier day turn into one horribly gone wrong day. 

Life is meant to be ever changing, 

it doesn’t stops for anyone or anything. 

Let the bad days be your beginning

Rather than you degrading 

Or a disgraceful ending. 

You might have spent nights Sobbing, but recollect the days you were up with a broad curve on the face and they said ‘how beautiful you look while smiling’. The compliments you got and the ones you gave. 

You might have fought with the world, with others or may be with yourself sometimes but recollect the phase of confidence about your moves, winning it and letting ’em know you were worth of bright days. 

There isn’t a forever night,

There won’t be a day too long and too bright. 

Yeah! May be the time seems to fluctuate 

May be the night seems longer

but darling, it would be eminent to wait.


Put some ammount of sand in one hand and some cotton balls in other. You hold the hand with sands solidly. You set the later hand loose. You fear that sandsflakes might slip and you may probably lose it. The cotton balls are still held liberally.


1.The more tightly you hold the sands the more easily it drains. These are the people you hold on to in your life with the extreme of your efforts, bonded with emotions, love, affection and god knows what else.

2. Let’s pass the turn to cotton puffs which aren’t gripped well since there’s no fear to lose it. You know it will stick, till it could at least. These are the people you take for granted in your life. You know no matter what you do to ’em they’ll turn up to you all day, all time.

But, let me tell you some facts, in not so fancy words. You’ll end up after some time with bare hand, no matter how hard you hold on to the sand flakes. And on one unfortunate day the sandstorm will make you drown into it and those ammount of sands in your hands earlier would be a part of that.

And the people you took for granted are lost already. They were done with your loose grip. You’ll end up calculating these things while drenching into the sandstorm.

[Sabar nahi thi ya qadar nhi thi?]


The jar of candies. 

Black, all around. The dark symphony, the dark melody. There is a jar with different colored candies in it. Everything is unpredictable. That dark room is your life, it present you the jar with bits of joy and sorrow. It’s upto you what you pick, choose and how you use. Then imagine a ray nurturing through the dark room. That’s the ray of hope, It will give you glances to figure out what to pick. That ray of hope is that one person in your life who uplifts you. The ray might dissappear after a while. Hence, before that you better be prepared for what to pick. And then there will be bugs and worms stuck to the candies. These are the ones who pull you down, held troubles and demoralizes you in your life. Now again it’s you who will do things to preserve the candies before the creeps grab it. 

– A self made painting on either rise or fall !

Shelter of his arms ❤️

Life was casual and dim, 

Until I met him ❤️

Used to interact but trust none, 

He made me believe in love❤️

Yes, he is the one.

My chirping fascinated him the most❤️ 

My heart was the guest, and he was the host…. 

He stared at me like he wants to speak something ❤️

Once he said “you be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”.

His arms are the safest place I have even been. ❤️

He means a lot to me, rather everything. 



“Kabhi “

​Kyu gir jati hai nazrein kisi ki jism dekh kr,

khud se aisi gunzaish thi kbhi? 

Kyu mzak bna rkha hai auraton ke jism ko, 

Khud ke pariwar me aisi numaish ki kabhi? 

Hm bhi jetey hai zindagi gamo ke sath,

Kya humne shifarish ki kabhi? 

Na janey kis mod pe intekam hogi aisi soch ki, 

Socha nahi? Ya socha hai kabhi? 

Dar nahi khauf me bdal gayi chize

Na kadam badhaya, na himmat ki kabhi.