Those eyes and me :) 

So, I was wearing a short top today. What I meant by ‘short’ isn’t exactly the length of the dress but the ‘short’ is how they see or in other words what they think we are showing. 

I went to the nearest coffee shop. I was placing the order with my card( having no more than 300 Indian rupees). The guy at the counter stared my belly as if the belly was the one placing order and asking him for a cup of cappuccino. Of course my stomach was craving, craving for the coffee not that look. Few guys, or let’s call ’em “gentlemen” were sipping coffee there too with suits and buttons up. Some of’ em said hello! ….. A hello to my belly. Sometimes coffee shops gives you complimentary add ons, I believe this was the special add on for me. 

After that combo of beverages- coffee and looks, I was riding my scooter home. Few “riders” behind me gave me some kinky look as they were passing by. One of the innocent guy shouted :  Thoda dhakk ke chlye madam ! And all other innocent gang mates along with him chuckled. I smiled at’ ’em with pity. All of a sudden, I turned my scooter towards one of the nearest sunset point. Sat there. Pebbles I was throwing broke the peace of water tides. Bunch of thoughts flew in my mind. What will they do when they’ll see their wives naked? Would they give the same look to her as well? And I believe yes they’ll look at her the same way, may be not the entire time but yes, during those duration of intimacy. She’ll be loving him and he’ll be lusting her. 

These incidents reminded me of the days I travel in any public transport. Whether be a bus, metro and haha, cabs are safe they say.  People travelling in public transports must be workers of different profession but they’ll are tailors in their minds and those eyes are their measuring scales, they can measure you.. Tip to Toe and Waist to Chest ! The saddest part is they won’t get you a stitched dress 😦  

So, I returned home, a bit relaxed than before. I saw few dipped in culture ladies of my society, often giving me a look of hesitation, whether it be for my clothes, my habits or be it my behavior. They wear sarees. Don’t they? Sarees with DEEP and DESIGNER blouses. Exposing all their back and bellies. Is it less revealing than the top I wore?  They say : Sansakari kapde pehno beta ladkey dekhte h. I replied once: sanskar ki jaroorat unhey h aunty humey nahi 🙂 Guess what? I was judged for speaking thereafter too. 

How does the length of a cloth defines the length of a women character ? 

The one with sins is always the one with sins. According to a survey in 2011, 43% among 100% cases were of child rapes in India. Do pampers of those girl children made those rapist adults feel erotic? I believe so, if what we wear is really a matter of concern. 

Education may develop our financial and social status but mental status I doubt. It’s all about the way we apprehend and grasp things. You must have heard ‘soch badlo, desh badlega’ and ‘suruwat khud se kro’. 

I know this isn’t a topic to conclude in these short note and few words but trust me it is really really hard for me to pen down everything what I want to. 

Let’s not judge and be judged! 

Sochiyega is vishay mein 🙂 shukriya !