Every cloud has a silver lining :) 

There will be days when life will drift you apart, 

But honey no matter what, there’s always a good start. 

Someday things will go utterly wrong. One day everything will be fine. Our lives swing between that someday and that one day. But that isn’t today. Worry makes that one happier day turn into one horribly gone wrong day. 

Life is meant to be ever changing, 

it doesn’t stops for anyone or anything. 

Let the bad days be your beginning

Rather than you degrading 

Or a disgraceful ending. 

You might have spent nights Sobbing, but recollect the days you were up with a broad curve on the face and they said ‘how beautiful you look while smiling’. The compliments you got and the ones you gave. 

You might have fought with the world, with others or may be with yourself sometimes but recollect the phase of confidence about your moves, winning it and letting ’em know you were worth of bright days. 

There isn’t a forever night,

There won’t be a day too long and too bright. 

Yeah! May be the time seems to fluctuate 

May be the night seems longer

but darling, it would be eminent to wait.


One thought on “Every cloud has a silver lining :) 

  1. Its quite good , your thoughts are propelled nicely.. nd considering it a matter of opinions , i have nothing but praise for your subject and writing skills.
    Coming to style of writing , i suppose its verse libre but you have tried to get a rhyming scheme of aa bbbb( wherever possible) it would have been great if you could have found words to fit into an iambic pentameter..
    Overall its nice to read and may provide some happy thoughts also.


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