Put some ammount of sand in one hand and some cotton balls in other. You hold the hand with sands solidly. You set the later hand loose. You fear that sandsflakes might slip and you may probably lose it. The cotton balls are still held liberally.


1.The more tightly you hold the sands the more easily it drains. These are the people you hold on to in your life with the extreme of your efforts, bonded with emotions, love, affection and god knows what else.

2. Let’s pass the turn to cotton puffs which aren’t gripped well since there’s no fear to lose it. You know it will stick, till it could at least. These are the people you take for granted in your life. You know no matter what you do to ’em they’ll turn up to you all day, all time.

But, let me tell you some facts, in not so fancy words. You’ll end up after some time with bare hand, no matter how hard you hold on to the sand flakes. And on one unfortunate day the sandstorm will make you drown into it and those ammount of sands in your hands earlier would be a part of that.

And the people you took for granted are lost already. They were done with your loose grip. You’ll end up calculating these things while drenching into the sandstorm.

[Sabar nahi thi ya qadar nhi thi?]