It’s all lies. 

Everything got a lie in it. But that doesn’t matter as long as it keeps you bouncy, breezy and makes you feel good. Every single time something is there which is molded accordingly, as per the situation or as per the need. 

And again there’s no hitch in the lie which turns the Greys into Greeneries. Like, Batman don’t exist. But who cares. The story matters, not the fact. And may be that’s OKAY. 

A story teller would be more appreciated than a blunt outspoken person. It’s all about how you in sculpt it and fancy the story. 

Why do movies based on the same book, earns highly than the writer of the original copy? Fascination of course. 

Why does a guy with great communication skills and vocabulary is always prioritized? Fascination of course. Aah! Chuck the truth. 

Honesty is the most expensive gift these days which takes you to loss. Irony. Lie is the new truth. There comes a “lie” in believe. 

I adore superman!  

~A self made art.