The jar of candies. 

Black, all around. The dark symphony, the dark melody. There is a jar with different colored candies in it. Everything is unpredictable. That dark room is your life, it present you the jar with bits of joy and sorrow. It’s upto you what you pick, choose and how you use. Then imagine a ray nurturing through the dark room. That’s the ray of hope, It will give you glances to figure out what to pick. That ray of hope is that one person in your life who uplifts you. The ray might dissappear after a while. Hence, before that you better be prepared for what to pick. And then there will be bugs and worms stuck to the candies. These are the ones who pull you down, held troubles and demoralizes you in your life. Now again it’s you who will do things to preserve the candies before the creeps grab it. 

– A self made painting on either rise or fall !


Shelter of his arms ❤️

Life was casual and dim, 

Until I met him ❤️

Used to interact but trust none, 

He made me believe in love❤️

Yes, he is the one.

My chirping fascinated him the most❤️ 

My heart was the guest, and he was the host…. 

He stared at me like he wants to speak something ❤️

Once he said “you be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”.

His arms are the safest place I have even been. ❤️

He means a lot to me, rather everything.