“Kabhi “

​Kyu gir jati hai nazrein kisi ki jism dekh kr,

khud se aisi gunzaish thi kbhi? 

Kyu mzak bna rkha hai auraton ke jism ko, 

Khud ke pariwar me aisi numaish ki kabhi? 

Hm bhi jetey hai zindagi gamo ke sath,

Kya humne shifarish ki kabhi? 

Na janey kis mod pe intekam hogi aisi soch ki, 

Socha nahi? Ya socha hai kabhi? 

Dar nahi khauf me bdal gayi chize

Na kadam badhaya, na himmat ki kabhi. 


Is it all about life or just time? 

No ! Her voice exclaimed. 

If something wrong happens or

If you walk away, 

Who would be blamed? 

Trust me.. He replied. 

Neither will I cheat nor will I hide. 

I do, but not the reality of my past

I loved and laid, 

They said they would stay, but just said !

Not every action leads to same, 

Baby,  you’re my idol and my aim. 

A happy vibe conquered her mind, 

A step she took and intimancy whined. 

Days and days,

ignorance touched the peak, 

Drowned and down, she turned weak. 

Unlike pure as dove, 

It’s still just porn or love? 

Least involved and he left, 

Her torn soul with billions cleft. 

It’s funny what he used to say

“Trust me” and “I will stay”. 

Once again she was lost, lost from her chime…

is it all about life or just time??? 

To the wonderful women

​Who I am? Where do I stand? ~she asked herself, After reading the success journal of her mates from high school. Work and reputation makes people judgemental these days~ thoughts ran quickly to her head while washing the dishes. I could have been the same, working by my own and embracing my victory ~she murmured. She recollected her golden days of academics as tears rolled down. At a sudden her snoopy mind heard some voice “Honey hey! Can I get some food”her mate showed up with a big fat smile.” Mom!  I am hungry too “. Tears rolled down her cheeks again but with glee this time, while she served them on the dinning table. They are my achievement and my life is a journal of success itself ~ her inner voice exclaimed with zeal. 

He loves the way she smile

​He loves the way she smile.

The spark in those eyes,

Her way, her style.

Weird moves, nuisance steps,

She, a definition of Crile.

Had a dark phase,

Have scars, but she embrace.

Me and her, else blur,

I found her, God’s grace.

Being with her feels so right,

To lean on her and hold so tight.

Devoted to her and she is mine,

A charm of love and feel of devine.

Spending life with her way long,

Soothing breeze, melodious song.

Finally, that walk to aisle..

Together, forever.

Oops! a dream as far as the sea mile,

He loves the way she smile……

Motivating self

​I have seen people drowning in a hope to be loved by the one whom they love. Eventually they end up losing themselves. A few lines just to motivate self 🙂 

There’s much more to life than finding someone who wants you or weeping over not having one. There’s a lot of wonderful time to introspect, discover and live without hoping someone will fall for you and adore you at great extent. You need to love you, as much as you could do. Become a whole being on your own. Compliment yourself, praise yourself, love yourself and respect yourself. Sit ideal and have coffee, look into mirror and smile, you love to draw? Draw, sing? Sing, dance? Dance little girl, evoke the best of yourself and see your soul ruling. Don’t Romanticize life like you can’t live without it. Live by your own, be the best of you and for you. Life is much more wonderful honey, I promise! 🙂